Nurse Team

Nurse Practitioner

Julie McGowan (Nurse Practitioner)
Qualified as a registered nurse in 1982 at St Bartholomews School of Nursing, London. Julie has worked as a practice nurse since 1998. She has diplomas in asthma, COPD, diabetes and CHD. She is a qualified advanced nurse practitioner and a non-medical prescriber.


Practice Nurse

Philippa Logan
Qualified in 1985 as a registered nurse at Pembury School of Nursing. Worked as a practice nurse for 10 years and nurse practitioner for 6 years setting up a Triage Service. Philippa has a diploma in asthma care, a family planning certificates and is interested in ENT, children and women's health, dermatology and addiction.

Lesley Hayden
Qualified in 1977 as a registered nurse at Kingston & Richmond School of Nursing. Lesley completed a post registered nursing diploma in community nursing, at Christchurch College Canterbury & Brighton University, and also has diplomas in diabetes, CHD and asthma. Lesley attends the surgery Friday afternoons as a locum.

Brigid Lenanton
Brigid qualified as a state registered nurse in 1981. She has worked as a practice nurse from 1991 to 1997, then from 2006 to present day. She has diplomas in asthma, diabetes management and CHD, with special interest in diabetes. She also has certificate in family planning. Brigid has recently completed the mentoring course for mentoring student nurses and is passionate about encouraging them into the profession.


Healthcare Assistant

Jenny Webster
Jenny has been a healthcare assistant for five years at Lonsdale Medical Centre. Qualified in 1987 as a registered nurse at St Margarets Hospital, Epping, Essex. Jenny has three years experience in A & E and two years in travel health. She has a diploma in cardiovascular disease and asthma.

Joanna Webb (Health Care Assistant and Student Nurse)
Joanna is a Health Care Assistant, with clinics on Mondays & Fridays. She is able to carry out ECGs, blood tests, INRs, blood pressures and initial chronic disease checks.  As a Student Nurse she has completed two years of training.