Our Mission

Our mission is to continually improve the quality, range and way we deliver our care in consultation with our patients, staff and other health care professionals within the local community.


Our Vision

Our vision is to support our patients in receiving the treatments that they need and that are clinically appropriate. It is also our vision to encourage our patients to make informed choices which will lead to greater control of their own health and wellbeing and longer lives

Our Values

It is important to all members of the practice to belong to a harmonious and valued team, who feel listened to and appreciated for their skills and dedication. Members of the practice should be able to be open about concerns and confident that these will be taken seriously and addressed. A supportive and safe environment will enable staff to show compassion, respect and dignity to patients and to concentrate on putting patients at the centre of what they do. We believe in addressing change in a positive manner and embracing new technologies and ways of working in the continual process of improving patient care.