General Info Room

Parking at Lonsdale Medical Centre

Please note that parking at the side of the building is solely for doctors and clinical staff and some of the spaces in the car park at the rear of the building are reserved for staff only. Parking is only permitted in the car park for the duration of your visit to the surgery, please do not park in the car park at any other time as the building is in use 7 days a week by other clinics.  Please do not block cars in; if you do so, you risk preventing the doctors from attending urgent visits.

Please be aware that patients cannot park on the roads surrounding the surgery. This is a privately owned estate and the owners have been issuing tickets to patients visiting the surgery.

If there is no space in the car park, please find an alternative parking space locally outside this estate.

Disability Access

The practice has a parking space for the disabled in the car park and a stair lift to the first floor. Where possible arrangements can be made for disabled patients to be seen in the consulting room or treatment room on the ground floor.